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Serveware Gallery

Steel Serve Tray

Steel Serve Tray

Steel Serve Tray

Steel Serve Jug Glass Set

Steel Serve Jug

Steel Serve Jug

Steel Serve Jug

Milton Serveware Browse

Nayasa Serveware Browse

Nirbhay Serveware Browse

Bajaj Serveware Browse

Plastic Dinner Sets

Melamine Serveware Browse

Porcelain Dinner Sets

Serveware includes all the Items that is used to Serve including dinner sets,Trays,Water Jugs etc. We have huge collection of different brands, types and designs of Serveware at our Bartan store in Bahadurgarh-Tilak Trunk House.
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Products and Images of Products shown above is for demonstration purpose and to provide over all idea of products and items we sell at our Bartan store. Above display of product's images means that we sell all variety and designs of Serveware and Steel Kitchen Utensils/Bartan.